The SARC Shack one  is located above the club meeting room and access is only available via. an outside staircase. we have another radio shack in our portacabin this as a p60 tower with an urban bean from stepper, then we have a mast fitted with 2m 70cm 4m 6m in our antenna field 

  • Shack Equipment:-
  • Yaesu FT950 Transceiver which as been set up HF use via. a full size G5RV wire antenna via. ATU.
  • Yaesu FT 847 Transceiver which as been set up for VHF and UHF bands via. associated rotatable 2metre and 70cms beams above the Shack.
  • Yaesu FT101 Old HF Transceiver with Valve Linear PA.
  • ICOM IC 9100  HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver with 1.2GHz module - Part of  MX0RCU Truck but available for SARC use.
Yaesu FT950 Transceiver


Yaesu FT847 Transceiver



Yaesu FT101ZD Transceiver


                                                                                           The Old timer with valve driver and Linear PA.

ICOM IC 9100 HF/VHF/UHF+1.2GHz Transceiver




 Shack photos



                            Dave Grayson M0IUK Operating in contest with Jim M0OND (centre) and Graham M0IGS (RHS) chatting on the side.


                                                                             Steve M1ERS working some DX on FT950 Transceiver.


                                                      Mike G7MLL and Barry G1NFO (Now Silent Key)  working Digimodes on FT840


14079533 10154482673238817 7358521315716215793 n1


New power sockets fitted in each section of the Shack Desk.


14064048 10154482673518817 542364571406639933 n2


Steve M1ERS Operating from radio on re-wired desk.


Shack Antennas

  • Vertical Co-linear for 6metres , 2metres and 70cms
  • 70cms UHF YAGI beam antenna
  • 2 metre VHF YAGI beam antenna 
  • 6 metre Yagi  all LFA made by our Members 
  • 4 Metre Yagi  made by members 
  • 23cm and EME as well on our site 
  • 595 foot Loop in our fields 
  • Full Size G5RV
  • HF Vertical (to be erected)
  • Urban Beam Stepp IR 6m/40m  on our 60 foot  Tower runing all SDR to the radios 


        Antennas repaired and assembled after gail force winds   Finally erected into position on top of the shack
P1020512 P1020513


Portacabin Antennas (Planned)

The portacabin is powered by a petrol Generator which also chargers batteries via. a AC/DC UPS which can be used for lighting.

The portacablin is used for RCF examinations, storage and small workshop with work bench.

We have an adjustable aerial tower which we plan to repair, give a coat paint and get ready for some action.

The following antennas are planned:-

  • HF Mini Beam
  • 6 metre VHF YAGI beam
  • 4 metre VHF YAGI beam
  • 2m & 70cm dual band VHF/UHF beam antenna.
  • The Tower at SARC with our HF Beam and Tilt Plate fitted this is now replaced with a Urban beam from Step IR 6/40 
  • , 24067888 10155955091038817 1533942405722150791 n
  • 23844472 10155955091173817 8045037968299147374 n


  • 68675924 1225875564282855 2692319907562913792 n
These can be used for working DX or for contests.

                        SARC QSL Card ( Updated on Jan 2018, MX0RCU has been replaced by original call sign GX3RCM) 



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  QSL Design by G6DCT

                                          Club QSLCard used to confirm radio contacts with other Amateur radio station throughout the world.

                                                   An electronic copy of the QSL card is also used for confirmed contacts on eQSL.



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